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Give a helping hand. Join us every day to help us to prepare breakfast and lunch. No special skills needed. Turn up for your scheduled slot and bringing just yourself and a positive attitude!

“I was concerned I can’t cook and feel shy. But, once I started volunteering at Krsna’s Free Meals, I met like-minded volunteers and time always passed by so fast. I enjoyed my time at the kitchen and am happy to know the meals will benefit the migrant workers.’’

Mandy, active volunteer for the past 6 months


General Information

Skills required: No Specific Skills Required
Suitable for: First Timers, Seniors, Open to All, Family Friendly, Organisation or Groups Min. age: 13
During this COVID-19 period, we have adjusted the timeslots to:
AM: 0630 - 0930
PM: 0930 - 1430
Limited to 7 volunteers per shift per day.

Volunteers will help to:
Peel and cut/chop vegetables for meals
Serve during meal time
Clean up (sweep the floor,wipe tables, etc.)

Breakfast is served from 6.30am to 9am and lunch is served from 11am to 2.30pm daily, including weekends and public holidays.

Please wear comfortable, non-slip, covered shoes

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Can I walk in and volunteer?
We do not encourage walk-ins, especially since the Covid 19 outbreak. Scheduling helps us keep track of volunteers more efficiently and allows us to ensure distancing between volunteers. But we are more than happy to welcome you to walk in and share a meal.

Can I volunteer with my friends and family?
Sure! However, this is subject to the availability of slots on your preferred date. As we receive a high volume of volunteer requests, we also ask that you could consolidate your submissions so that it can help to reduce our time spent on admin duties.

Is there a minimum age/requirement? Can my children come along?
We welcome volunteers of any age, but the minimum age is 10. However, as things can get quite hectic in our kitchen (plus poses the dangers of a kitchen like sharp knives, greasy/ slippery floor, fire etc.) Please make sure that an adult supervises your children at all times.

I emailed you yesterday because I want to volunteer today, but why did I not reply?
Please allow at least three working days for email responses and lead time to confirm your preferred dates. This is because our volunteer manager is also a volunteer with a full-time job.

How long / often do I need to volunteer?
Breakfast slot: 630am - 930am
Lunch slot: 930am - 230pm
While we prefer that you stick to one of these two slots, we can be flexible with timings. We also do not impose minimum hours or days that you have to commit.

What is expected of me?
As we rely heavily on volunteers to ensure that food gets served on time, we appreciate volunteers who report for their shift punctually
complete the tasks assigned to them conscientiously and efficiently. Adhere to instructions and do not distract others from their tasks by chatting incessantly.

What if I cannot make it all of a sudden?
Would you please try to give us ample notice if you cannot make it for your scheduled slots so that we can open it up to someone else? Do email us at or drop us a DM on Facebook or Instagram to notify us of your absence.

I’m here, but why is your main gate closed?
If you cannot see anyone through our door or windows, please call 6909 7730. The full-time volunteers are likely busy cooking in the kitchen at the back.

May I take breaks during my volunteer shift?
Yes, you may. You can also help yourself with the food served in our kitchen(which you’ve helped to prepare). If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please feel free to bring your food. However, please note that we are a meat-free establishment.

May I get a record of my volunteer hours?
Sure! You may request fro a hard copy timesheet at our kitchen. This will be signed and stamped after you have completed at least 20 hours of service. We can also update your hours on giving. Sg at the end of the month. Please note that we do not issue separate certificates or letters to support PR applications.

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